‘Dracula Un-Dead’

  A quarter of a century after Count Dracula “crumbled into dust,” Quincey Harker-the son of Jonathan and Mina Harker-leaves law school to pursue a career on stage, only to stumble upon the troubled production of Dracula, directed and produced by Bram Stoker himself.

As the play plunges Quincey into the world of his parents’ terrible secrets, death begins to stalk the original band of heroes that defeated Dracula a quarter-century ago. Could it be that the count survived and is now seeking revenge? Or is there another, far more sinister force at work whose relentless purpose is to destroy anything and anyone associated with Dracula, the most notorious vampire of all time?


‘Different Walks’

  A stack of letters burned a hole in the box under Sage’s bed for the past sixteen years. There wasn’t a day she hadn’t thought about them, just sitting there wastefully as she went about her high society life. They were letters from the only man she ever truly loved, Max. If she were ever going to rekindle a lost love, there would be no better time to leave everything behind and rough it in the great outdoors. Crossing several state lines, she’d walk, unbeknownst to Max, however long and far it took to see him again.

Meanwhile, Phoebe had become disinterested with everything that used to motivate her. Adolescent years were trying enough, but with a past so unclear to her, she’d cling to gaining popularity and ignorance to pass the time, until one day everything she thought she knew came tragically crashing into perspective.

Many miles, several secrets and one reunion help the two women realize that sometimes it’s not how far you go or what you experience, but the different walks that define the journey.


‘A Life Worth the Fleeting Suns’

 Tomas Lior – a rebel, a poet – wants to live forever and he knows how. He has a direct connection to the net through wetware implanted in his nervous system and is working to build an afterlife for himself, for his mother, for us all. But when a seemingly malevolent code finds its way into his mind, everything is threatened.

His journey to discover the truth of the code leads him across Europe, from London to the depths of Russia, aided by two members of the Secret Intelligence Service, as they race to stem a build up to war. As events unfold, Lior discovers truths about his mind and the origins of the code that have the potential to shake the very foundations of our civilisation and determine the future of our species.


‘Time After Time’

   Molly and Beth are best friends and love spending time together. But when their two families move in together, maybe they are a little too close for comfort! Out shopping one day they need to avoid the most embarrassing encounter ever with Molly’s mum, and hide in a shop they had never noticed before. When they leave by the side door, they realise immediately that something is not right! Transported back to the past, where mobile phones don’t work and the world feels very different, they realise that they have a chance to see the world through their parents’ eyes. Before finding their way home, can they see what their own pasts looked like?


  I am neither the legend of my ancestor nor the myth that inspired it, but what you find when you dare to look truth in the eye. My name is Thera Currey. 
  One year ago I lost my father in a tragic accident. At least that’s what my mother called it. But I couldn’t believe it was an accident. I thought it had to be something else, some other reason behind the dimming of such a warm and shinning light in my life besides chance. Or maybe that is what I needed to think to get through the sudden move to Stonecrest and to hold onto the memories my mother so easily discarded.

  If only I had let it go. There would have been no story to tell except how I survived high school. All that changed when I was attacked during a boating accident by a sea creature for a secret I did not even know I carried. As I lay dying, my father came to me in a vision and warned me to open my eyes and see. Well I did and I am hunted now by centuries old legends, monsters born from stories etched in stone and fairy tales, who fear my family’s legacy. My blood is cursed and all that is beautiful in my life will crumble unless I can balance who I am versus what I will become.


‘My Perfect Life at Cornish Cottage’

  Sophie Bailey has it all or so she thinks until one day she wakes up to find that her husband of 20 years is leaving her for a younger woman. With no job, no money, no self esteem and the threat of losing her home Sophie will have to push aside her heartbreak and act fast. With a 6 year old son and wayward puppy to care for failure is not an option. On the plus side there is the gorgeous Mr Rainford on hand to fantasise about twice a day. The only one she can count on is her totally mad friend who thinks that life is like one of the books on her Kindle. With her 40th birthday looming Sophie doesn’t think that it can get any worse – she was wrong. Suddenly Sophie’s life goes Viral!

‘The Christmas Mystery’

  One day Elisabet, while Christmas shopping with her mother, vanishes into thin air. Accompanied by angels, shepherds, kings and even a Roman governor, she is rushing back through time and space to Bethlehem, to be present at the birth of Christ. Fifty years later a boy called Joachim pieces together her story from a magic advent calendar and brings it to a conclusion.