Return Of The Necromancers

Enilorac returns home from warrior-skills-training to find her home village of Sparevene ravaged. Enilorac’s father’s seemingly lifeless body blocks the entrance into the family home, and there is an intruder inside needing Enilorac’s assistance. Enilorac’s life is turned upside down when the intruder insists on taking her father’s body to the Elf Castle. The distraught warrior girl further discovers while searching the family barn for her mother, that Alatli, Elder Queen of the Necromancers, is not only real, but the Necromancer Queen has a quest for her. A quest that will take Enilorac to the Dark Mountain’s glowing ledge, where the young warrior girl will meet Rovert.

Rovert, a young archer farm boy from Espus, having heard stories from his father Nodrog of The Great Necro War, has decided to embark on a quest to find and destroy the Necromancer children that are rumored to be enslaved in the cave on the glowing ledge of Dark Mountain.



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