I am neither the legend of my ancestor nor the myth that inspired it, but what you find when you dare to look truth in the eye. My name is Thera Currey. 
  One year ago I lost my father in a tragic accident. At least that’s what my mother called it. But I couldn’t believe it was an accident. I thought it had to be something else, some other reason behind the dimming of such a warm and shinning light in my life besides chance. Or maybe that is what I needed to think to get through the sudden move to Stonecrest and to hold onto the memories my mother so easily discarded.

  If only I had let it go. There would have been no story to tell except how I survived high school. All that changed when I was attacked during a boating accident by a sea creature for a secret I did not even know I carried. As I lay dying, my father came to me in a vision and warned me to open my eyes and see. Well I did and I am hunted now by centuries old legends, monsters born from stories etched in stone and fairy tales, who fear my family’s legacy. My blood is cursed and all that is beautiful in my life will crumble unless I can balance who I am versus what I will become.


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