‘Happily Never After: As it is Written’

Meet Ellie. She is a beautiful woman who has just become a princess. She went from scrubbing floors to living in a big castle. She thought if she married a prince she would be OK, that she would live happily ever after. For centuries, little girls have always believed that when you marry a prince you are automatically guaranteed a “happily ever after”. In today’s society, that’s not always the case. Do “happily ever after’s” truly exist? Or, is it just a façade generated to give comfort before leading to an inevitable doom.



One thought on “‘Happily Never After: As it is Written’

  1. Yes and yes.Some people do get ‘happily ever afters’, but the placing such expectations on any relationship inevitably leads to trouble. Even people who own their own imperfections, still have difficulty accepting the imperfections of others. I think ‘happily ever afters’ occur as a result of a lot of hard work, and I am skeptical about the whole ‘soulmates’ thing. Cynic or realist? You be the judge.


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