5 Steps To An Irresistible Book Blurb.

5 Steps To An Irresistible Book Blurb.
1. Start with a headline that implies a promise.
Headlines have 2 goals: capture the attention of readers and drive them into your body copy – simple headlines are the most enticing. Start your headline with an action word and then imply a promise of what readers can expect to gain from your book. Here are a couple of examples.
Learn Uncovered Secrets about Bin Laden’s Life.
Find Out What Drives Killers to Kill.
2. Make your copy “easy-on-the-eye”.
If your headline draws readers in, don’t lose them by using large blocks of text. Instead, make it easy to read “at-a-glance” by employing the use of headlines, subheads, short paragraphs & bullet points. This sales technique creates open space, which visually makes it fast and easy to read.
3. Chose the right voice.
Create a confident voice for your back cover. Depending on the topic, your writing should project suspense, compassion, wisdom, insight, humour, intrigue, mystery, etc. Choose a tone that matches your book and fill it with emotion.
4. Focus on what your book is about – not on what happens.
Focus your back cover on how readers will benefit from your book. What curiosity will you satisfy? What challenge will you help readers overcome? What inner desire or need are you going to meet? Describe the satisfaction readers will gain from reading your book. Take your writing to this level and your ability to motivate readers to buy increases dramatically. No matter what your book is about, a reader will read it to fuel specific emotions within them. Identify what those emotions are and use your back cover copy to stir them up.
5. Leave them wanting more.

This technique requires a little practice, but always conclude your back cover in a manner that leaves your readers begging for more. Tease them up. Give them the sizzle, but not the steak. However you want to phrase it, conclude your back cover so readers have no choice but to run to the book counter as they reach for their wallet.

LADY sara Feb,Jun,Oct


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